"My anxiety had reached the stage of ruining just about every aspect of my life, work relationships and my health. The tablets I was taking from the doctor really only made me feel worse. A friend recommended Sue and after the first session I was a changed man. I really can't explain how it works, but it does. I can't waste time regretting that I didn't go earlier as I never would have thought of it. I can tell you that most of your problems start in your mind. Just so grateful"

"I was embarrassed to be drinking about two bottles of wine a day and knew I couldn't stop it. It was damaging my marriage and I was spending money I didn't have. I was full of good intentions, but always failed. Every Monday morning I'd tell myself I was stopping and every Monday evening I found myself sloshed. Two of my friends saw Sue and if they could change their drinking patterns then so could I. It was ridiculously easy, and it only took one session! Lost a lot of weight and gained self esteem and a good bank balance. Hope this helps other women who are worried about their drinking:)"

"We talk about being stressed but until it hits you no one has an idea of how bad it is. I thought I was dying or having a heart attack and yet I knew it was my own thoughts that were doing it. Sue was so kind and understanding and I trusted her at once. After just one session I felt normal again and she taught me skills to keep me calm that I can use for the rest of my life. I can face Christmas with a postive attitude." 

"I have now been off my insulin for 6 months. I waited to send you this as I couldn't believe my success would last. GP is surprised but couldn't argue with the blood tests. Losing weight has given me a new lease of life. That is sweeter than any chocolate I used to scoff. You changed this old diabetic for life. Thanks doesn't seem enough."

"For anyone who has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and thinks their life is over iI can tell you it isn't. I was so depressed when I got the test results and looked at a future that was bleak. A friend recommended Equinox as she had been treated successfully and it's true - it really works. My doctor could hardly believe the change in me and if things stay they same no medication for me. It cost me 4 sessions to get my life back - what price do you put on ten years more life?"

"I've been in such chronic pain with arthritis and other issues for years and nothing seems to help. I've tried everything. My friend recommended Sue but I wasn't hopeful but as ever, would try anything. Right from the word go the pain level dropped and she taught me techniques that I could use to manage flare ups and be in control. For the first time in years I'm reducing my pain medications, and am much more mobile and starting to enjoy life again. I feel much more relaxed and energetic too. And I never thought I'd say that at my age."

"Thought my life was over when I was diagnosed diabetic and I have such a bad chocolate addiction and drink too much as well. Had tried hypnotherapy for smoking in the past which didn't work, but Sue was different and I felt completely at ease and we just changed the bits of my life that were making me ill. No one recognises me anymore as I've lost so much weight and even coloured my hair as the old me has gone!"

"Just had my first holiday abroad in years since I came to Equinox and lost my fear of flying. I actually liked it! Amazing and only one session. Will book long haul next time and surprise my daughter in Canada"

"I ignored what I looked like in the mirror, though knew I was carrying more weight than I should, but it was a check up with the doctor that terrified me as he said I was about to be type 2 diabetic and my mum had already died from complications of it, so I knew what I was in for. I also knew that whatever good advice they gave me I was too weak willed to follow, or else I wouldn't have been in this state. I didn't believe that hypnotherapy could help me but was desperate and a lot of people are talking about how Sue got them off insulin and back to good health. I have to write this in case any other diabetic reads it as it worked without any feeling of hardship. I now exercise regularly, love zumba, and my GP is amazed at my weight loss. I'm set for a healthy life if I carry on like this and why wouldn't I ?. Thanks Sue, the hardest bit was making the first appointment! 

"I'd had 4 miscarriages and was desperate to conceive and carry a baby to full term. The stress was putting a strain on my relationship with my husband and was even affecting my performance at work. I felt ill and stressed most of the time and overall had this dread and fear that I was a total failure. It didn't matter what anyone said to me. I just didn't hear it.

I was so jealous of seeing other women being pregnant that I almost became socially phobic, but it was actually one woman who'd just given birth after a long time of trying, who told me about Equinox Hypnotherapy and how Sue had helped her to relax and prepare to become pregnant.

She really understood how I felt and taught me relaxation techniques and improved my self esteem. We also worked around my feelings about my miscarriages.

I'm writing this to tell other women not to give up trying and to consider hypnotherapy with whatever fertility programmes they are following. I just relaxed and then it happened. It sounds simple, but that is all it was. I now have a son of 2 months but might need help to sleep though!"

" I just want to say that I really didn't believe that hypnotherapy would help me. When I was recommended to Sue, I was really slow to make an appointment, and wasted a few more weeks of my life while I hummed and hawed. It was part of not having any self esteem, and it was only when I finally found the courage to call and heard her voice that I knew I'd done the right thing. I couldn't wait to have an appointment then and then was just so keen to 'get a life' as people say.

It was just SO ridiculously easy to let go of the old way I thought about myself and look forward to looking forward. Once she started helping me dismantle the wall I'd built around myself other bricks just fell out. She said this is often what happens when you make changes, and bizarrely my longstanding IBS is now a thing of the past. I've stopped smoking and lost weight and people say I'm like a different person.

I've learned that the mind is such a powerful thing and that if you really want to change, as I did, you can. I can't recommend Sue enough, her consulting room is like a sanctuary of peace and she is so professional and reassuring. It's like a spa for the mind!"

 "I had been biting my nails and worse, picking the skin around them for as long as I could remember; perhaps as a result of growing up watching my dad do the same. It was often at its worst during stressful periods, but in truth there was rarely a moment when I wasn't worrying my nails or hands, frequently without realising I was doing it.

My job as a Consultant requires me to project an air of confidence and credibility with my clients. I became increasingly concerned that the poor condition of my nails, and indeed my propensity to bite and pick at them even in client meetings, was in some way betraying a sense of weakness in my character, in addition to being an indesirable (and frequently painful) habit in its own right.

I had made various efforts to stop in the past, from willpower to nail treatments, and even with limited success for a short time, but had always found myself returning to the habit after a few weeks had elapsed.

I heard about Sue through a friend and fellow client. I had always been sceptical as to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy (the first thing that came to mind were the antics of stage hypnotists), but my friend had nothing but praise for Sue's results and I thought I had little to lose from trying.

From first to last contact, Sue was always professional and put me at ease. Sue explained that her method would deliver results if it was something I truly wanted, and the whole experience couldn't have been more different from my preconceptions of stage hypnotism or 'new age' treatments. Of equal importance to me, Sue was genuinely interested in helping to solve my problem as quickly and completely as possible, rather than seeking an unnecessary long course of sessions.

After just two sessions with Sue, I have now gone 7 months without biting my nails! They are healthy and strong, and my hands are now pain free. I also fidget with my hands a lot less. the improvement has been dramatic and something I would never have beleived possible after a lifelong  habit. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough.'"

"As someone who enjoys travelling, I was gutted when I developed an acute fear of flying. I was on a flight when I felt extreme anxiety and my body had some of the indicators of stress - nausea and shaking and the 4 hour flight was exhausting, and unfortunately the holiday was tainted with worry about the flight home, which was awful. I remember feeling so shocked about the situation given that I'd flown to and from Australia just a few months previously.

I love travel and wasn't prepared to have 'staycations' and after a few weeks of research I chose hypnotherapy as a treatment. I found Sue on the internet and checked her out with the professional register. I'd heard about hypnotherapy before and some friends had praised it, so I was hopeful and looking forward to the appointment.

I felt relaxed and in control throughout and it only took one session! However I enjoyed it so much I booked a second session and felt much less anxious and straight away could watch programmes with shots of planes in, which I'd previously turned off because the sight brought back those feelings of panic.

I'm so pleased I had the hypno treatment, and as a testament to the transformative effects, I'm writing this from Brasil!"

"I was embarrassed at just how much weight I'd put on (!was 18 stone) and as a 45 year old man didn't fancy a slimming group. It was only when my doctor told me that he was putting me on blood pressure and diabetes medication, that I knew I had to do something. I thought about a gastric band but was worried about surgery.

I'd heard of Sue through a friend who'd lost weight and stopped smoking, and yet to be honest I didn't think it would work for me. Even though I was sceptical there was something in me that knew I had to change and she was very good at setting goals that were achievable in small stages for me so I didn't get overwhelmed. She gave me self confidence and it really was surprisingly easy. I didn't miss the chocolate or pizzas - in fact I didn't think of them strangely enough! I also learned to like walking and swimming. I lost over 4 stone in six months and my doctor was delighted as I didn't need treatment as my health issues were gone. Even my knees stopped hurting - something which i'd put down to old age, though really it was due to the excess weight. I feel I've got a new life and iI haven't put any weight on again. It's not a diet, its about changing your life and it isn't a struggle. If I can do it anyone can."

“I found Sue through a friend she successfully helped stop smoking. I needed help with some eating and body image issues, and Sue helped me so much even beyond that. I had a few misgivings initially but was amazed by how subtle and gentle hypnotherapy is. I always felt in control and very comfortable, and have now made some wonderful changes in my life – without really thinking about it as it’s all on the subconscious level! Deeply grateful, thanks Sue!”

 “I had never had hypnotherapy before my first visit in April 2012, and various preconceptions left me feeling a little nervous. These worries completely dissolved once I had my first visit. Instantly, Sue made me feel at ease and the beautiful surrounds of her consultation room were a bonus. She talked me through everything before the actual hypnotherapy session and I felt completely safe and relaxed. She really took time to get to know me and understand what I wanted to achieve.
Overall, the hypnotherapy treatment has had a very positive influence on my life and is the key factor in overcoming my negative behaviours. I am particularly impressed by how few sessions you actually need, to make a big difference.   I found, as an added bonus, the individual sessions themselves, left me feeling very calm and at peace with the world which was a real treat in itself.
Sue has a lovely balance of being empathic, practical, genuinely interested and caring.  For me, the overall effect was to inspire me to achieve my goals. The hypnotherapy treatment is surprisingly powerful and has given me the tools to overcome any obstacle in my life. Furthermore, since the hypnotherapy sessions ceased, I continue to make positive progress in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend Sue and hypnotherapy to anyone who is looking for an effective solution focused therapy.”

“I was having a really difficult time after the sudden death of my son
Although it had been five years, the negative connotations grief leaves  made it impossible for me to see any reason to function or live.  I was just existing and having very little contact with anyone.

A friend encouraged me to try hypnotherapy. I reluctantly went along more to not disappoint her than anything else.
On that first session I was pleasantly surprised to find I felt safe and relaxed enough to start looking through the grey and the gloominess I had come to except as a normal way of living.

Hypnotherapy helped me to realise how to cope and to see the world as a better place.
I feel more confident and at peace with myself.  I know my son will never come back butI can now hold the many memories of him in my heart, remember the good times and cherish them.  And live in a much more positive, rewarding way thanks to hypnotherapy.”

 “I felt anxious prior to my first hypnotherapy session, having never done anything similar before, but Sue put me at ease straight away. My first session with her flew by, and I left feeling like a weight had been lifted.  I always felt safe and secure in her company, and began to look forward to our frank and open chats. I valued Sue's warm, sympathetic and non-judgemental approach and felt I could be completely honest with her.  The hypnosis element was also effective, and I would come round feeling deeply relaxed and at peace with myself. The course left me feeling more balanced as a person, and helped me to come to terms with some events from the past, as well as stopping me panic about the future. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue's sessions.”

 “The world of hypnotherapy was something relatively new to me, but Sue made me feel completely comfortable and I was able to open up and talk about the difficulties I was experiencing.  The sessions made me look at my situation differently and gave me a new perspective and outlook on my life.  I found it to be a very positive experience.”