Hypnotherapy – relaxing safe change that lasts.


We all experience this natural feeling of trance many times a day - looking out of a window, watching television or just day dreaming.

Hypnotherapy is sometiimes misunderstood as people believe they will be out of control, or in a deep trance that makes them vulnerable. This is absolutely not the case, as anyone who has had hypnotherapy will tell you!  No one can be put into a trance unless they want to. No one can put suggestions into your unconscious mind that goes against who you are. The basis of hypnosis is to help clients to help themselves to lead a better and more fulfilling life and each session leaves you energised and de-stressed.

During hypnotherapy the state of trance (or hypnosis) allows the conscious mind to just step aside in order for the subconscious mind to come to the forefront and accept the suggestions you've asked for in order to bring about the changes you want.

It is absolutely possible to change your life, and to have what want, but only if you change your mind!

Unless those changes are made, the same old feelings and behaviours continue. Together we can work to develop and build new patterns of thinking and hypnotherapy can help you to achieve those goals. Let me assure you that you are totally in control and when you've had your first session you'll be wondering what you ever worried about, as you attain those results in such a relaxed and comfortable way!

You might be interested in the following research statistics: After 600 sessions of psychotherapy there was a 38% success rate. After 22 sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy there was a 72% success rate and after just 6 sessions of hypnotherapy there was a 93% success rate!  

(Dr Alfred A Barrios conducted research for Psychotherapy Magazine (Vol 7 Issue 1 to compare the effectiveness of hypnotherapy CBT and psychotherapy)


If you have any questions about hypnotherapy or NLP please do get in touch, and I'll be happy to talk with you, and if you wish make an appointment for a free session to discuss what you would like to be different in your life.

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